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The headquarters are located in Gussago, a small village in the outskirts of Brescia, as well as the other two factories built after few years from the foundation in order to cope with the creation of new products.

The main factor of our success is the innovation which has lead our company to grow day after day by creating new ideas and developing a dynamic market in contrast with the general static economical trend.

The meticulous choice of materials and the variety of workmanships have been granting prestige and reliability to all our products since more than 20 years.


Elegance and refinement are the results of a careful aesthetical and planning search towards innovation.

Our creations are studied and realized by experienced professionals who exploit the incomparable mastery of our craftsmen.

The variety of Scaglioni's collections is meant to satisfy both the traditional and the most modern taste requested by a younger market in constant evolution towards new ideas and projects.


The availability of Scaglioni’s stock, let supply goods through a prompt and quick service for both domestic and international markets.
The inventory appreciation is also assisted by an exclusive network of selected distributors which grant the services offered by Scaglioni srl.
A tight network of distributors allows quick and accurate deliveries, which are the main peculiarities to gain success for Scaglioni’s brand name and its well-known products all over the world.



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